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Fort Collins Market Report.

In Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, the market is highly influenced by the time of year, and you could save thousands of dollars buying or selling at the right time. Buying in the winter

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Are Condos A Good Investment In Fort Collins?

Eileen and I get asked this question all the time. Do condos appreciate the same way as single family homes? Here are our answers and the data-Are condos a good investment in Fort Collins?YES.

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Going in to get a Loan? Check out these tips before you do!

So you are starting the process of getting a home loan? Great! Here is a brief summary of what mortgage lenders will be looking at when they ask for your bank statement.Overdraft ChargesLenders will

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4 Things to Consider when Buying Your First Home

Finally! It’s the time to get out of your apartment and start on the road to home ownership! But what does that mean and how can you be best prepared for whats to come? Keep in mind these four

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